About Us

Oh man, do we love to rant. There’s little else out there that makes us more furious than people simply not understanding what’s happening in the legal sphere. But it’s about more than that: actively “campaigning” for lawmakers to change a proposed law based on the mere facts propagated by the press. In a time of click-bait, tech journalists reporting on competition law, and arrogance found in every single one of us, the beauty of the law falls short. Misconceptions are common.

Cases in point: Memes ‘will be banned’ under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners, They’ll ban our fries!!! (EU adopts first restrictions on cancer-causing acrylamide in food), Doner kebabs under threat as EU moves to ban key ingredient, EU rules against powerful vacuum cleaners ban ‘best’ models, Business Cards – Are They Covered by the GDPR

But we’re here to help you out. Simply Untrue is a podcast that discusses common misconceptions in law. Every other week our cast of law enthusiasts presents you with what they have recently encountered on the web or in the media. Lively discussions fed by frustration and lawyness guaranteed!


Benedikt Schmitz is the host of Simply Untrue and founder of Law Talk. He’s currently a student at the Graduate School of Law at University of Groningen and works on his own research, focussing on comparative contract and consumer law. He holds a law degree from Maastricht University and has previously been working as a research assistant at both academic and corporate levels.


As a half German, half Hungarian, who was raised a citizen of New Zealand, educated in Britain and Netherlands, Eddie King has a truly international view on the law. Eddie is now pursuing a J.D. master’s at Monash University in Melbourne. Since October 2018 he is also a paralegal at the law firm┬áCarbone Lawyers. He has previously helped develop skills based courses for alternative dispute resolution at Maastricht University, where he also obtained his LL.B. degree.


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