#1: GDPR madness and Justice Kavanaugh

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Benedikt got fed up surfing the web again. He stumbled upon an article in The Telegraph titled “GDPR ‘means hackers can access all your data online’“. As he hates paying for online journalism (the article was behind a paywall) he located its original source: NewStatesman America’s piece called “GDPR has made it easier to access our own data – and for hackers to do so, too“. And all of this has been set into motion by a tweet of Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Jean Yang.

Eddie followed the developments of the last two weeks in the United States concerning Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Not only did Eddie get deep into the discussion surrounding Brett Kavenaugh’s alleged sexual assault, but also the actual legal and human skills that the Justice possesses. Will this affect the Supreme Court in the future?

Listen to Eddie and Benedikt ranting about these two topics to find out what’s really going on.

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Benedikt Schmitz
Eddie J King

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